1. Klint Finley

    Pavlov’s Dogs is an Invisibles fan film edited by Trevor Blake and starring Nabil Shaban as the voice of Mister Quimper.

    Shaban is an actor and filmmaker who in addition to having appeared in several films has worked with the Crass Collective and appeared as a Doctor Who villain. Trevor wrote an essay on Skin Horse, Shaban’s documentary about the sex lives of the disabled here.

    Full credits:

    Grant Morrison: creator and writer.
    Chris Weston: penciller.
    Ray Kryssing: Inker.
    Daniel Vozzo: color and separation.
    Todd Klein: letterer.
    Shelly Roeberg: editor.

    Nabil Shaban: Mr. Quimper.
    eph.zero: Jolly Roger.
    Trevor Blake: sound and tremendous gratitude to all of the above.

  2. Invisibles author Grant Morrison has been officially inducted into the Outer Church:

    Every year for her Birthday, Queen Elizabeth II names a bunch of people (well, it’s not her, but it’s done through her, she’s the middle man) to honour with various orders of chivalry, she basically dubs them with a sword and gives them a medal.


    (thanks Cat Vincent)

  3. Danny Chaoflux on the similarities between The Invisibles by Grant Morrison and the Cartoon Network show Codename: Kids Next Door.

    1: The leader, bald, wears shades, really into spy stuff.

    2: Inventor/Shaman, always cracks jokes, “the weird one”, overweight [ie: Future Fanny].

    3: Shes nuts.

    4: Street thug with thick accent and hoodie.

    5: Cool headed, laid back tomboy, specialty is stealth and investigation.

    Theme : Worldwide loose knit cells operate in secret to protect and encourage freedom from tyranny.

    The Antagonists : ‘The Old Gods’ and their lesser manifestations.

    This has been brought up a number of places on the internet, but I wanted to shop an image to go along with it paired with a breakdown.

    Sure you could say its a blatant rip off, but I think its more interesting to think of it as a starter set of key memes.

    Stop Making Sense: Invisible Babies = Codename: Kids Next Door

    Official Codename: Kids Next Door website.


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