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An Old Favorite Web Comic: Exterminus

Klint Finley

Are we going to say anything else?


Full Comic: Exterminus by Kieron Gillen and Charity Larrison.

Free Online Comic From Invisibles/Seaguy Artist Cameron Stewart

Klint Finley

Panels from Sin Titulo by Cameron Stewart

Cameron Stewart is known for his work with Grant Morrison on Batman and Robin, Seaguy, Seven Soldiers: The Manhattan Guardian and a few pages of The Invisibles, amongst other things. But he also wrote and drew a serialized online comic called Sin Titulo, a surreal mystery in the vein of Haruki Murakami or David Lynch that won an Eisner award. It will be released in print later this year by Dark Horse Comics, but you can read it online now for free.

Sin Titulo

Interview with Steward on Sin Titulo